We have years of IT Auditing experience, we understand an IT infrastructure, how to find problems, fix problems, upgrade, replace and support your entire IT infrastructure, IT Hardware, and Software.

SOS Computers offers IT Auditing Services from staff who eat, sleep and breathe IT. It is our mission to find out what your IT Infrastructure has, what you don’t have, what you need and how we can implement it for you and also to support it afterwards.

An IT Auditor will be appointed to assist you with the whole process.

5 Benefits of using SOS Computers as your IT Auditor:

1. We have successfully been performing IT Audits for both small medium and large companies for many years.
2. We have years of experience in identifying All Types of IT Infrastructure related problems.
3. We have the expertise to both diagnose and upgrade / repair problematic elements of an IT Setup.
4. We sell IT Hardware, Software and offer IT Connectivity solutions. Whatever you need, SOS Computers can supply it.
5. We offer on site IT Support, off-site and outsourced IT Support for your IT Infrastructure during and after an IT Audit if needed.

5 Important IT Audit Points:

Find out from our IT Auditors if your IT Infrastructure is setup correctly. We can help you determine the following for your network:

1. Vulnerabilities – what threats and risk are present on your network.
2. Compliance – does your IT Setup comply with industry regulations.
3. Configuration – has your IT environment been setup correctly?
4. Hardware – Do you have out of date / correct hardware configured?
5. Software – Is your software up to date and configured correctly?

How to appoint us as your IT Auditor:

Fill in the contact form or give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our IT Auditors.

We will meet up with you for an initial discussion about your IT Infrastructure concerns, objectives and deadlines. We will discuss the IT Audit Checklist with you & schedule your begin your Audit ASAP.